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Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate transactions may call for a real estate attorney. But, what should you look for when choosing someone that will represent your best interests and needs to the fullest? Some states mandate the use of a lawyer in a real estate transaction. Such states include Georgia, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. Not all real estate [...]

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Copyright Fraud

Protecting trade secrets and intellectual property, and taking action against infringement, has actually become extremely difficult in the modern international business world. If you do have a concern that involves proprietary information or about copyright fraud, then in some cases a private investigation agency could be an ideal choice for assistance. Perhaps this is even [...]

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Everything to Know About American Law

American legal system. In the years since the publication of the fourth edition, there have been many important developments on the legal front. The Supreme Court has issued important decisions on presidential powers, freedom of religion, and personal liberty. Police shootings and the rise of Black Lives Matter has impacted the court system too. The [...]

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The Foot Soldiers of Our Constitution

One wishes there were more such citizens.' — Romila Thapar Who is Teesta Setalvad? For the Hindu Right, she is a dangerous impediment to India’s onward march to ‘glory.’ This is the story of the real Teesta – inheritor of the best and most progressive traditions of India’s struggle for freedom, a ceaseless and courageous [...]

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How I Choose to Lead My Law Firm in These Uncertain Times

One of the credos at The Mike Morse Law Firm is to be the best law firm to work for in Michigan. We came up with that 13 years ago. But during these unprecedented times, I keep asking myself, what does it really mean? I do think we have been the best law firm to work [...]

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Welcome to Lawman for best advocate experience!!

Welcome to the official home of Lawman  Attorneys at Law. We provide an individual, hands-on and cost effective solution to your legal problem. As a dynamic firm of attorneys, the individual needs of our clients are put first creating long term attorney-client relationships.

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How to Succeed as a First-Year Attorney at a Big Law Firm

So considering that, here are some tips that I would offer to bright-eyed law school grads who are ready to kill it in Big Law. 1. Consider Your Short and Long Term Plans It’s obvious, but you absolutely have to sit down with yourself and think about your short and long term plans. Why are you working [...]

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